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Insurance Plans

Health plans which we accept:

We accept Medicare and Medicaid.  Any of your UHC/AARP Medicare Advantage plans.  Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Colorado Access, Humana,United Health, UMR, and many more smaller plans.  If we are listed on their Provider Directories, we accept, with the exception of Medicare Advantage plans.  It is the patient responsibility to make sure we are in Network.  


​Due to the Affordable Care Act, there are particular plans inside a contracted insurance company that do not list us as a preferred provider.  Each insurance company offers thousands of different plans for the consumer to choose from, all with different networks of providers.  This is driven by the Insurance companies.  So when choosing your plan, you must have access to a Provider Directory for that particular plan, and you must make sure we are in it.  It is the ultimately the patient's responsibility to know if we are in Network. 

Eligibility of each patient is verified before each appointment. Patient must be ready to fulfill copay and deductible obligations on the date of service.  


Questions about billing can be directed to our billing company. They can be reached at 303.857.4397. or at their website


Questions about office policies can be directed to our office managers.


We accept all forms of payment; Credit, Debit, Cash, Check.  Visit the Pay my Bill tab.

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